As reception have worked hard all term, we decided to have a special treat. We watched the film boss baby and had popcorn! The baby was very funny as there was lots of laughing.


We have had a busy last week. We started off with sports day and then bad our throughly thrilling event the next morning. 

We have continued to learn to read in phonics. You have all made super progress this term. WELL DONE PENGUINS! (All the reading you do at home is hugely impacting on your progress. Keep up the good work.) We are also improving with our handwriting in kinetic letters. In maths we have continued to explore the concepts of halving and doubling numbers through our continuous provision.

READING HOLIDAY CHALLENGE: can you practise reading your phonics books. (Upload a video onto ILD)

WRITING HOLIDAY CHALLENGE: can you write sentences about what you are up to during the holidays. (Upload writing onto ILD)

MATHS HOLIDAY CHALLENGE: can you double numbers or find half of a number. (Upload onto ILD) 

THEME: we wrapped up our growing theme by evaluating how are beans are.We reflected on how we looked after them and came up with tips to help them continue to grow. I would love to hear about your beans during the holidays. Maybe you could write about them and upload onto ILD. 

A big well done to Lola Mae and Tamim who went up on stage for their sticker charts.

I look forward to our last term together Penguins. We will be finding out all about dinosaurs! CAN’T WAIT! 


A big thank you to all the mums, dads, nans and younger siblings that came to reception this morning. (The children were super happy!)

 To get us excited for our next topic, we made our own dinosaurs using 2D shapes. The children then named their dinosaurs too. They looked great. Good job everyone! They will be up on display in the. Lads room next term.

We are definitely looking forward to next term. 


We had a great afternoon. The weather was just perfect for sports day. The children mixed up with children from years 1 and 2 and took part in different activities; sack race, egg and spoon race, relay race, space hoppers, obstacle course, welly throwing, running race and also enjoyed a drink and biscuits in the 2 pavilions. We also loved watching the tots race and the mums and dads race. Thank you to everyone that came to watch today! 

We look forward to finding out the results of which house collected the most points in Friday’s assembly…


We’ve had a wonderful busy week this week. We continue to learn sounds to help us read in phonics and practised our letter formation with Skip and Bounce. We have also been working hard to write red words.

SENTENCE STACKING: Out focus text this week was Little Red Riding Hood. The children acted out the scene where Little Red Riding Hood went to visit Granda, only it was the the big bad wolf in disguise! The children remembered their lines and took on an appropriate voice to portray their character. They were clear and loved having an audience. SUPER DRAMA WORK! 

HOME LEARNING CHALLENGE: can you write the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Remember to share your learning on ILD.

THEME: in theme we played a fun game of guess the baby photo. The children loved finding out who the baby/toddler was. They then discussed they changes in them over time

HOME LEARNG CHALLENGE: discuss with an adult how you have changed since you were a baby.

MATHS: This week we were back with Sarah and Sam who needed help to half.

HOME LEARNING CHALLENGE: can you cut things in half? (With adult supervision) can you find half of multiple objects? Share your learning on ILD.

A big well done to Azahlia who went on stage because she comp.eted her sticker chart.

We are looking forward to another learning filled week, the last week of term. THE PENGUINS ARE VERY EXCITED ABOUT SPORTS DAY ON MONDAY! 

KS2: 9.45-12.00

Reception/KS1: 1.15-3.00

We hope you can make it! 


We are eagerly awaiting sports day. 

There has been a change to the timings. The new timings are:

KS2: 9.45-12.00

Reception/KS1: 1.15-3.00

Letters have been sent home confirming new timings as well as timings for when you can come into school ready to spectate. 

This week we practised the relay and obstacle race. The children absolutely loved it!!


We’ve had a busy busy week. We continued practising our reading in phonics and writing in kinetic letters and sentence stacking. We have just finished the story Jack and the beanstalk.

THEME: we’ve been keeping an eye on our beans and discussed the changes we could see. We compared the different beans.

HOME LEARNING CHALLENGE: can you draw and write about your bean? (I would love to see it on ILD to share with the rest of the class)

MATHS: we’ve been exploring doubling numbers. 

HOME LEARNING CHALLENEGE: can you double numbers using objects or drawings?

We’ve been super busy during choosing time.

A big well done to Holly and Sami who completed their sticker charts and went up on stage.



A massive well done to Ruben, Jacob, Ashton for doing some excellent learning at home. Also a great big well done to Harlo and Eshal who brought in their home learning (I am very sorry, I stuck thr work on display and didn’t take a picture. I will do it first thing tomorrow!) I will be looking to see who are the reading superstars of the week tomorrow and will be awarding stickers!