Today we learnt how to handle the chicks. Mrs Jones showed us how to hold the chicks. We all had a turn and were super gentle to make the chicks feel safe. We soon found out there was one cheeky chick as it tried to escape when the children held him. I was very impressed that all children had a go and were very careful and followed the rules. WELL DONE PENGUINS! 


Today Mrs Staff and her children made a run for the chicks using cardboard boxes. The chicks had lots of fun exploring the run. They have been very active. I’m sure the Penguins are excited to see them tomorrow (I know I am!) 


The chicks are having a great time at Mrs Staff’s house this weekend. They are beginning to flap a lot more and some chicks even attempted to fly over the box as Mrs Staff cleaned the brooding box. What cheeky chicks!


What a great start to the term. The weather has been great and there is a lot of excitement in Reception. The chicks have settled well into the brooding box. During choosing time, the children have been observing the chicks. This has lead them to have discussion about the eggs, the hatching process and what they can see. (Feel free to come and take a look at the chicks in the morning or after school) 

HOME LEARNING CHALLENGE: can you make a chick picture?

During maths we have been ordering numbers to 20.

MATHS HOME LEARNING CHALLENGE: try out the sequencing numbers game on top marks (https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/caterpillar-ordering)

Writing: in Kinetic Letters we are continuing to practise the different letter trails. In sentence stacking we are focusing on the story The Little Red Hen. (All their sentence stacking writing  will now go in their book so you will be able to see their writing at the throughly thrilling event at the end of the term) 

A huge well done to Daisy and Ruben who completed their sticker charts and went on stage this week. 



A big well done to see Ashton and Jacob do some great writing at home this week!! Come on Penguins, let’s start showing our home learning like you all did last term.mAll the learning the children do at home all makes a big difference at school! I look forward to sharing more home learning. 🙂 


Today the Penguins were treated to an ice cream which was just what we needed in the heat!! We discussed the importance of staying safe in the sun. We talked about wearing sun cream, sunhats, sun glasses and also remembering  to take shade. 


What an exciting day today!! At different points throughout the day we all rushed over to the incubator to see the eggs hatch. All 10 eggs have successfully hatched! We have loved looking at them and have talked all about them. The children spent most of the afternoon just keeping an eye on them. It’s great to see Reception so enthused!!

Then Reception were great at listening carefully and watching intently  as we set up the brooding box. We discussed the different things needed and the children came up with reasons why the chicks need them. I was very impressed with their knowledge.