I am super proud of all the home learning that is taking place at home such as sharing stories, Stickman related activities and maths. Well done to Ashton, Alexis, Eshal, Daisy and Ruben. We enjoy sharing our home learning with the rest of the class. Keep up the hard work penguins!


The penguins have loved doing sentence stacking. Yesterday the children acted out the Gruffalo’s warning and wrote in the speech bubble.

Today we went into the woods and saw a trail in the snow. This lead us to raise questions.


Continuing with the Julia Donaldson theme, the a tarted off the week with another great book by Julia Donaldson, The Stickman. The children enjoyed the rhyming in the story and also made predictions about what would happen to the The Stickman at different points in the story.

We look forward to a week of fun with The Stickman!

Can you do any Stickman inspired home learning? I would love you to bring it in to share and upload onto ILD. 🙂


We are celebrating reading all week long! 📚 For our morning job all week , we will be sharing different stories with a friend. The children enjoyed doing this very much today.  We will be doing various different things throughout the week. Don’t forget, you can do your bit by doing a sponsored read at home. 

HOME LEARNING CHALLENGE: share a story with an adult or maybe your brother /sister. (It would be great if you can share it on ILD so I can see what you enjoy reading) 


A big well done to Ashton, Marley, Jacob and Daisy for sharing their home learning on ILD this week. Also a huge well done to Holly, Eshal and Ruben who brought in their home learning. 

I look forward to seeing more great home learnings!


A brilliant first week back. The Penguins continue to progress in their learning. We are enjoying sentence stacking. In phonics we continue to learn different sounds to help us read (please remember to work on blending outs and listen to chn read if they have a ditty sheet or book.)  In Kinetic Letters we continue to learn how to form letters correctly.

I’m Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes. 

HOME LEARNING CHALLENGE: can you name 3D shapes and find them around your home or in the environment.

During choosing time, we loved doing the Gruffalo related activities. 

In P.E we enjoyed using the apparatus in the top hall.

A huge week done to William for going to stage for his sticker chart. 🙂

I can’t wait to find out what story we are focusing on next week and where our learning takes us! 


The Penguins have been very excited since yesterday as we have began our sentence stacking for this term. We started off yesterday by watching a trailer that gave us clues to our focus story. We were very happy when we figured out it was the Gruffalo’s Child. As a class, we came up with an opening sentence to our story. 

Today we continued by meeting the Gruffalo’s child and describing him.