Today we discovered the boy landed on the moon!! (we were amazed he got all the way up there). Our focus was adjectives. We came up with different descriptions and also explored allieration. The children did well working in small groups. We wonder what willhappen to the boy up on the moon all alone …


Today for sentence stacking we became the boy. Our focus was drama. The children engaged in fantastic imagination use to be inside the aeroplane. As a class we used our drama to help us build the next part of our story. The penguins couldn’t believe there was a problem with the aeroplane. What happened to the boy? Will everything be okay? … 

During lunch I could hear children talking about the events. They literally cannot wait to see what happens next. I am so excited to be doing sentence stacking with them. WELL DONE PENGUINS! 


What a amazing week we’ve had in the penguin class. In literacy we are focusing on story writing through sentence stacking. In kinetic letters we have continued to practise writing letters using letter trails. In phonics we have been learning different sounds, In maths, we have been exploring 2D shapes.

MATHS LEARNING CHALLENGE: can you find different shapes in the environment and also discuss the properties of the shapes (sides and corners)?

In theme we have been continuing to make rockets in different ways (a huge well done to all home learning that has been uploaded on ILD!) 

In the classroom environment, we have been busy labelling pictures, finding one more in the rocket, finding rhyming words, building in the construction area, reading stories and so much more. We also met Mrs Carter who read us a story in the library. SO MUCH GREAT LEARNING!

Also a huge well done to Daisy for completing her sticker chart and to Kobi who was our mathematician of the week! 

Keep up the great work penguins! 🙂 

Sentence stacking 

Today we excitedly continued with sentence stacking. Our focus was adjectives to describe the aeroplane found. We watched a video on a plane getting ready to take off and then flying to inspire us. The penguins came up lots of adjectives and had a go at writing them. Again I was so impressed at their enthusiasm. We can’t wait to find out what happens next. We came up with many different predictions. 



This term we have introduced  sentence stacking in reception to help us with our story writing. Yesterday we began by meeting an adventurous boy. I modelled writing the start of our story and introduced the idea of fingers spaces. At the end of the session, the children were very eager to find out what would happen next in the story which was a fantastic positive reaction! 

Today we continued our story. Our focus was onomatopoeic words for the noise we could hear. The penguins came up with lots of ideas. I was so impressed with how keen they ALL to have a go at writing themselves. We rolled out large paper and everyone wrote their chosen word. We even introduced exclamation marks and discussed what they mean.



I was so IMPRESSED with seeing great learning being done over the weekend on ILD inspired by our current theme. 🚀 Today Ashton, Charlee Jayne, Lejla and Ruben shared their learning with the rest of the class who were equally as impressed and also inspired! Ashton, Charlee Jayne, Lejla and Ruben all  recieved a big shiny sticker for all their hard work! Well  done. 🙂

You can bring home learning into school or upload on to ILD. I look forward to seeing more great learning!


Welcome back penguins! During our learning walk, we discovered a rocket had crashed in the outdoor area. We came up with questions we wanted to find out surrounding the crash landing and also came up with different theories as to what happened. 

We then went onto creating a whole class rocket. First we learnt about the different parts of the rocket. The children directed me to create the outline of the rocket. We named 2D shapes needed and discussed their properties. Then the adults took a step back and the children collected different resources from the classroom and creative area and began to add the rocket indepenendly. It was AMAZING to see great collaboration and use of imagination. We then sat in the rocket and imagined our rocket launching into space.