Today during theme, we discovered that some dinosaurs are carnivores and some are herbivores. We learnt what the words mean. We then discovered what different dinosaurs eat and then sorted them into carnivores and herbivores. 

We them made our own dinosaurs and ate them for our snack.


The Penguin had great fun this afternoon. Today they went to meet Harold the Giraffe who talked about their bodies. He discussed what gives us energy, the different parts inside of our body e.g. Lungs. We used magic to light up the Tam. We discussed the effects of exercise and healthy food on our bodies. The teacher on the life education bus was extremly Proud of the Penguins behaviour on the bus. She was impressed with all the Penguins putting their  hands up to answer questions instead of shouting out. She was also super impressed with the children’s knowledge. WELL DONE PENGUINS! 


Sorry for the delay in blogging (Miss Iqbal’s iPad was not working properly) 

A huge THANK YOU to all the dads, granddads, paps, uncles and mums that came last Thursday. There was a lot of competitive spirit in the room to save the Lego man from the different elements. It was great to see the children working with the adults. 



The Penguins were absolutely fabulous today when they performed their assembly. Every child came up to say their line in a clear and loud voice to an audience. They all did a great job in bringing it all together in such a short amount of time with limited rehearsal time. WELL DONE PENGUINS!!! A big thank you to all the parents/carers that came to watch the Penguins. A video will go up on ILD of your child saying their line (by the end of the week) 


We have had a busy first week. All the children have b come very independent in the morning as they come to school. GOOD JOB! The children have definately immersed themselves into our dinosaur theme. This has inspired lots of self initiated play during choosing time.

We have also been very busy rehearsing our class assembly. The children have done a great job in remembering their words. EXCELLENT! Our next job is to practise projecting our voice loudly in the hall. Our class assembly will be on Tuesday from 2.40 to 3.00.

A huge well done to Kobi, Ehsal, Ashton, Daisy, Ruben, Max, Tamim, Yasmin and Holly who all went on stage because they finished their sticker charts.

It was great to see so many of you at the Royal summer party today. I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did! 


We have began to practise our class assembly. Please could parents/carers at home support the children by helping them practise their line. Many thanks for your support! 


Over the past 2 days, the Penguins have been super busy writing independently about the dinosaur scene picture. I was so proud to see how far every single child has come. What amazed me was their positive attitude towards writing. (All writing has been uploaded onto ILD for you to see) 

We looked back at their first writing and compared that to their current writing. The Penguins were amazed. Some even laughed and said “Inused to scribble”  It was lovely to see them see how much progress they made. SUPER JOB PENGUINS. 


Penguin class assembly will be next week on Tuesday 12th June 2018 from 2.40 -3.05. All the children have been given out their words to learn. Please can you support your child in memeorising their line and also to practise a loud clear voice. WE ARE VERY EXCITED ABIUT OUR UPCOMING ASSEMBLY!! We hope you can make it. 🙂


We had a great start to our theme in reception. As the children came in they instantly noticed footprints that lead to an egg. They all hovered over the egg and began to discuss what had happened. It was great to see such curiosity. As a class we had come to the conclusion that it was dinosaur prints and a dinosaur egg. We now await to see what will happen to the egg…

During choosing time, the children were hugely inspired by the egg, we had some great independent writing this morning. WELL DONE PENGUINS! 


In preparation for year 1, next term we ask all adults to drop the children at the door to encourage independence.  (Children are to now be responsible for putting their jackets on pegs and their bookbag in draws by themselves.)

Thank you for your continued support.

Enjoy the half term 🙂