SNOW DAY ❄️☃⛄️🌨

What a great day. We explored in the snow. We sprinkled paint, food colouring and salt to see what would happen to the snow. We also talked about the difference in the snow from yesterday to today. We then went onto building snowmen. The penguins showed great team work and communication. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate and biscuits to help warm us up. 

We watched the animation the snow man. As it had no words, the penguins added their own narrative responding to each other’s ideas. We had lots of laughs as we made the story very funny. We then continued with our nativity rehearsals. (If you haven’t already done so, please can you bring in costumes asap) 

After lunch the fun continued. In music the penguins used the glockenspiel to create an aquarium composition. In R.E the penguins learn all about christingles and why they are important for Christmas with Mrs Coad. They children then followed instructions to make their own. WHAT A BRILLIANT DAY!


On Friday, children from the nursery came to see the penguins. The penguins had been busy all week rehearsing their jellyfish poems and creating jelly fish props. The penguins showed hugged confidence in reciting their poem and made fabulous props. We also listened to the owl class’s poems about sharks. (A video of the poem will be on ILD) WELL DONE PENGUINS. A great ending to a great topic. I am already looking forward to the next topic!


A huge well done to Ruben who is our star of the week and also to Lejla who is our mathematician of the week. Riley and Maizey completed their sticker charts and went up on stage. William was picked for headteacher’s tea next week for being helpful at lunch. Keep up the good work penguins! 


I am definately in the mood for Christmas after this afternoon!! A big thank you to everyone that came. It was great to see the penguins very excited as they engaged in different activities. Next week we will decorate the classroom using everything produced today. The penguins showed great behaviour this afternoon which made me very proud! 



In preparation for our fabulous finish on Friday, the penguins have been super busy  inviting the nursery children to our commotion in the ocean jellyfish poem performance. First we discussed what an invitation was and things we should include in it. Then the children came up with different ideas that the I scribed onto the board. During choosing time, I noticed some children copying the invitation that was written on the board, so I provided them with lined paper and different children copied different parts of the invitation up. It was brilliant to see their love for writing!! 

The penguins have also been busy with Mrs Jones in the creative area making jellyfish props for our poem performance. We have also been rehearsing the lines for our poem and have come up with different actions to help us remember the words. Good job penguins! 


WOW! I am so happy to see lots of home learning on ILD. I am very excited to share all this great work tomorrow. Well done penguins and thank you parents for your brilliant support! 


Another exciting week in penguin class! In maths we have been ordering numbers. We have also been learning different sounds with Fred whilst Skip and Bounce have introduced us to the final letter trails. We are very excited to be writing in kinetic letters next week using the correct pencil grip. 

MATHS HOME CHALLENGE: can you order numbers 1-10? Extra challenge: Order numbers to 20. 

WRITING HOME CHALLNEGE: can you continue to practise writing your name? (I have seen HUGE improvements in children’s name writing! Well done penguins!) 

I haven’t seen much home learning on ILD recently but I know you have all been super busy doing lots of learning at home. It would be great to see what learning you do outside of school and share with the rest of the class. 🙂